Not Qualified to be a Futurist

Episode 98 · January 11th, 2017 · 1 hr 31 mins

About this Episode

As the state of our political discourse continues its descent to new and previously unfathomable lows, riding on a golden escalator, we look back to a simpler time ten years ago before the smartphone was made great.

This week, your hosts talk a decade of iPhone and share their memories of it's introduction at Macworld 2007. Plus: Alexa everywhere, recanting picks of the week, and Carlos wins the medal for wrongest prediction ever.

Пристегните ремни, это будет долгие четыре года. 🇷🇺.


How a Sensational, Unverified Dossier Became a Crisis for Donald Trump - NY Times

NBC didn’t stream the Golden Globes because NBC didn’t have the rights to stream the Golden Globes - Recode

[HD] Steve Jobs - iPhone Introduction in 2007 (Complete) - YouTube

Ford vehicles will soon have Amazon Alexa on board - Engadget

Dell’s 8K monitor is a sublime $4,999 luxury for the pros - The Verge

The Dell 27 Ultrathin monitor really lives up to its name - Engadget

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