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Episode Archive

Episode Archive

367 episodes of Technically Correct since the first episode, which aired on July 23rd, 2014.

  • Episode 15: E-mail Didn’t Always Talk (Part 2)

    October 29th, 2014  |  51 mins 31 secs

    In the finale of their second two part epic episode, Ryan and Carlos discuss of whether or not the iPhone 6’s bigger screen is an improvement, Ryan’s first impressions of the Kindle Voyage, Google Inbox, Fantastical’s iOS 8 update, Newsify, Instacast 5, the Giants’ World Series matchup against the Royals, and Bose’s relationship with Apple and the NFL. Carlos also finally admits Ryan is right about something.

  • Episode 14: E-mail Didn't Always Talk (Part 1)

    October 22nd, 2014  |  1 hr 2 secs

    In part one of another epic two part episode, Ryan and Carlos discuss their iPhone “Do Not Disturb” schedules (that’s what you tune in for, right?), the iPad product lineup, the new retina iMac, and their first impressions of OS X Yosemite, Continuity, Handoff, and Apple Pay.

  • Episode 13: Eating Dictionaries for Breakfast

    October 15th, 2014  |  1 hr 8 mins

    After reminiscing about the early days of Wi-Fi, Ryan and Carlos talk about HBO’s upcoming standalone service, the implications of debundling TV from traditional cable packages, Google Shopping Express, Apple’s awkward naming conventions, last minute iPad and retina iMac event speculation, the end of Macworld Expo, and the Giants being one game away from the World Series.

  • Episode 12: That Sounds Like a Made Up Name

    October 8th, 2014  |  1 hr 19 mins

    Sports news, get your sports news here! Ryan and Carlos again enter the wide world of sports to talk about the Giants postseason run, leaving baseball games early, this year’s awful television coverage of the MLB postseason, and the NBA’s new TV agreement. They also discuss Apple’s upcoming iPad event, iOS 8’s adoption rate, and whether iOS is becoming fragmented.

  • Episode 11: The Bulge is Very Small

    October 1st, 2014  |  1 hr 14 mins

    Not even a cold can slow down Technically Correct. In this week’s show, Carlos and (a nasal-y) Ryan discuss the MLB playoffs, the lack of app support for the iPhone 6 display, Ello, the PowerBeats 2, speculation about Apple Watch pricing, upgradability, and being a standalone device, the latest in the world of Uber stories, Windows 10, the iOttie Easy One Touch 2, and DirecTV’s renewed NFL deal.

  • Episode 10: Emoji Connoisseur

    September 24th, 2014  |  1 hr 45 mins

    After spending a couple of weeks in the safe haven of Apple news, Ryan and Carlos branch out a bit in this week’s episode. They discuss ESPN’s suspension of Bill Simmons, the NFL’s future as America’s most popular sport, the Blackberry Passport, problems with The Verge’s product reviews, Beats’ rumored integration into iTunes, Rdio vs. Spotify, the Pebble’s new firmware, and UPS’s new 3D printing service. Despite their best efforts, they also do get back into some Apple news with Ryan’s first week with the iPhone 6, third party keyboards in iOS 8, and Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose.

  • Episode 9: The Devil is in the Details

    September 17th, 2014  |  1 hr 32 mins

    Apple’s fall event may have been a week ago, but news related to the event is just getting started. In a jam packed episode, Ryan and Carlos discuss NFC only being available for Apple Pay, Apple Watch battery life and pricing, iPhone 6 wi-fi calling and VOLTE support (or lack thereof) on US carriers, the U2 album fiasco, and iOS 8 first impressions. They also chat about the problem with Samsung’s new ads, Microsoft’s $2.5B acquisition of Mojang, Windows 9’s new desktop UI, and the Kindle Voyage.

  • Episode 8: 40,000 of Those Are Subway

    September 10th, 2014  |  1 hr 29 mins

    Like Apple at this week’s event, Ryan and Carlos skip the pleasantries and jump straight into things, spending the entire show discussing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch.

  • Episode 7: We’re Going to Help Some People

    September 3rd, 2014  |  1 hr 15 mins

    Another week, another show. On this edition of Technically Correct, Ryan and Carlos discuss rumored “iWatch” release dates, NFC and mobile payments on the iPhone 6, 1Password’s free iOS 8 update, new Samsung Galaxy products, the iCloud photo data breach, security vs. privacy, how to manage secure passwords, and the “New” Nintendo 3DS.

  • Episode 6: A Whole Lot of Bezel

    August 27th, 2014  |  1 hr 42 mins

    In this week’s episode of Technically Correct, Ryan and Carlos start with extended conversations about Uber (stop us if you’ve heard that before) and Apple’s upcoming product event. They also discuss Dropbox’s upgraded pro accounts, Amazon Fire Phone sales, Comcast On Demand, and Twitter’s alteration of user timelines.

  • Episode 5: We'll Edit This Out in Post (Part 2)

    August 20th, 2014  |  55 mins 30 secs

    In the finale of Technically Correct’s epic two part show, Ryan and Carlos talk about Microsoft’s tablet and smartphone strategy, the 10 year anniversary of podcasting, Overcast, PS4 and Xbox One sales, in-app purchases in games, Threes, and using Splashtop to remotely access a Mac. Oh, and sports.

  • Episode 4: We'll Edit This Out in Post (Part 1)

    August 13th, 2014  |  1 hr 3 mins

    In part one of an epic two-part episode of Technically Correct, Ryan and Carlos discuss WebPass, the current and future state of Netflix, the importance of live sports for cable TV, Uber’s (allegedly) shady business tactics, and Steve Ballmer buying the Clippers.

  • Episode 3: Insert it Upside Down

    August 6th, 2014  |  1 hr 28 mins

    After discussing Carlos’s Jeopardy strategy and Ryan’s love of Sugar Ray (you know, like every good podcast should start), the third episode of Technically Correct covers Apple’s new CDN, Comcast’s faster speeds, iPhone 6 speculation, Microsoft’s new 5th Ave. retail store, the state of in-car technology, Uber’s new carpool service, the “I want it now economy,” and the future of Twitter.

  • Episode 2: The George Clooney of Uber

    July 30th, 2014  |  1 hr 18 mins

    After a successful first episode, Technically Correct keeps the ball rolling (as Carlos would say) with a discussion of the Oculus Rift, EA’s subscription service on the Xbox One, the future of Nintendo, 1Password on iOS 8, passenger ratings on Uber, using your phone as a digital wallet, the economics of making a mobile app, and problems with the iOS App Store.

  • Episode 1: Ace in the Sleeve

    July 23rd, 2014  |  1 hr 18 mins

    Ryan, Carlos, and the train which runs near Carlos’s apartment introduce the show and discuss media on the XBOX and PS4, Amazon Instant Video, the nightmare of cancelling Comcast, Microsoft’s misguided vision of Windows, declining iPad sales, Carlo’s new mirrorless camera, the Apple/IBM partnership, and Overcast.